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Longtime pull up bar, calisthenics, posture exercises and natural health enthusiast Brian Rossiter has amassed the collection of products on PortablePullUpBars.com. All these items made the Portable Pull Up Bars listings based on the research of and/or testing by Brian Rossiter.

All products are sold on Amazon.com, for which Portable Pull Up Bars serves as an affiliate.

Brian Rossiter created PortablePullUpBars.com to help beginner and seasoned exercise enthusiasts find the ideal pull up bar for their specific use cases, whether it’s for home use and/or for outdoor and/or travel use.

In some cases, manufacturers don’t disclose some information relevant to consumers such as product dimensions and weight, making the shopping experience challenging.

The Portable Pull Up Bars website offers as much information as Brian Rossiter could find on the products featured on the website, and he hopes the information he shares serves you well on your purchasing journey.

Because of schedule limitations and a rigorous workload in developing Superpower Web Enterprises websites, Brian Rossiter is unable to offer personalized buying advice for shoppers.

New products and articles are being published and featured items are being showcased on PortablePullUpBars.com every month.

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PortablePullUpBars.com creator Brian Rossiter loves doing pull ups, chin ups and other calisthenics, but it is posture exercises that are his true exercise passion.

If you want to reduce or eliminate chronic pain, if you want to help prevent the onset of chronic pain and/or if you want to experience peak performance in all you do, from everyday activities to professional athletics competition, Brian Rossiter can work with you through the Posture Exercises Method.

Posture Exercises Method movements, poses and stretches can help realign the body’s load-bearing joints—the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—and correct posture. Unlike most or all other exercise forms, including traditional physical therapy and yoga, the Posture Exercises Method is designed to address pain causes while improving or eliminating symptoms.

Posture Exercises Method clients have reduced or eliminated many kinds of chronic pain symptoms.

Brian Rossiter eliminated carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and chronic back pain and neck pain in just months after launching his posture exercises practice. He has committed to his practice for 98 percent of the days since starting in April 2010 and every day since September 2016.


PortablePullUpBars.com creator Brian Rossiter has enjoyed leading a fruitarian diet since 2011, eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

This low-fat raw vegan diet is ideal to help reduce or eliminate many chronic conditions, as diet along with posture is responsible for so much of what ails people.

Brian Rossiter can help you through the Raw Vegan Coaching Program transition to a plant-based or fruitarian diet, helping you possibly lose weight and/or eliminate health conditions.


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