Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar | Tall and Big | KT1.1520

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar, model KT1.1520, is a durable, stable and versatile portable pull up bar for tall and big exercise enthusiasts that is designed for chin ups, pull ups and aerial yoga.

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Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Model KT1.1520 Is a Quickly Assembled Portable Pull Up Bar Built for Tall and Big Users

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar, model KT1.1520, is an exquisitely crafted portable pull up bar and portable freestanding pull up bar that is engineered to be stable and last a lifetime.

Portable Pull Up Bars creator Brian Rossiter upgraded to this pull up bar in March 2022 and experienced a sudden performance boost, thanks to this bar’s stability.

Khanh Trinh manufactures a few pull up bars, and model KT1.1520 is intended for users less than 6.56 feet tall and weighing less than 485 pounds. Users who are taller than 6.56 feet tall can still use this Khanh Trinh pull up bar but will have to flex their knees to some degree to ensure proper clearance. It can support users weighing as much as 440.9 pounds.

Developed by Mr. Khanh Trinh, boasting 15 years of calisthenics and street workout experience, the Khanh Trinh KT Pull Up Bar (KT1.1520) is easy to assemble and adjust the horizontal bar height from 76.7 inches to 100.39 inches.

This 63.9-pound bar is intended for pull ups and chin ups along with dozens of other exercises. It is high enough to support a hanging yoga hammock in case you wish to use it for aerial yoga as well. This portable pull up bar’s weight load capacity is 771.6 pounds.

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Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Model KT1.1520 Exercises

• Back lever
• Body swings
• Body twists
• Chin ups
• Flutter leg raises
• Front lever
• Front lever to back lever
• Hanging crunch
• Knee raises

• Knee up to kick out
• Knees to bar crunch
• L-sit open legs
• L-sit scissors
• L-sit to muscle ups
• Leg raises L-sit
• Oblique toes to bar
• Pull ups
• Ring air walking
• Ring leg raises

• Ring push ups
• Ring row
• Skin the cat
• The runner
• Toes to bar
• Typewriter air walking
• Weighted chin ups neutral grip
• Weighted pull ups close grip
• Weighted pull ups wide grip

Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Model KT1.1520 Is a Supremely Durable and Stable Portable Pull Up Bar

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar, model KT1.1520, is constructed of high-strength alloy steel and is highly durable, stable and versatile.

This well-built bar can withstand the bulk of vibration and wobble, demonstrating a satisfying amount of force-bearing capacity when exercising. Manufacturer Khanh Trinh cautions that the terms “stable” and “sturdy” do not imply that the product is completely devoid of wobbles.

Over several revisions, Khanh Trinh has improved the product design to reduce up to 92 percent of wobbling, ensuring that the majority of consumers feel stable when exercising.

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar (KT1.1520) comes with an incredible five-year warranty, ensuring that buyers know they’re getting the greatest pull up bar money can buy!

Discover Many of the Exercises You Can Do With the Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Model KT1.1520 in This Video

Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Model KT1.1520 Can Support Aerial Yoga, TRX Straps and a Hammock Chair, Making It Highly Versatile

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar is extremely versatile, supporting an aerial yoga swing, TRX straps and even a hammock chair and swing chair for youngsters. It can also support calisthenics gymnastics rings and a punching bag.

It’s the ideal pull up bar and yoga stand frame for usage at home, in gyms or in studios.

Accessories, including foam handle grips, are simple to install and remove.

The Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar is a high-quality portable pull-up bar that is simple to carry about your home. It folds up in less than 10 seconds after usage, allowing it to be stacked vertically or horizontally against a wall. It may even be tucked under a bed if it’s collapsed.

If you live in the continental United States and your item is sent from California, you will receive your merchandise within eight days after making your order with Amazon.

Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bars Are Super-Versatile


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